Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Duct Cleaning

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Q: Why does it matter if you have your heating ducts cleaned?
A: Having your heating ducts professionally cleaned removes particulates such as pet dander or cigarette or wood smoke that can aggravate respiratory conditions.

Q: Will having my heating ducts cleaned make my house cleaner?
A: Many customers report a noticeable difference in the amount of dust that settles on their furniture. Air ducts naturally accumulate debris over time which then re-circulates in the air you breathe. If you notice that dust accumulates quickly even after cleaning, it is likely a sign that your ducts need to be cleaned.

Q: How can I tell if my air handling system needs professional duct cleaning?
A: There are a few things you can check yourself: Check the air filter. Whatever debris is on the filter may only be a small portion of what could actually be in your return air duct. If the filter on your air handling system is dirty, that’s an indication that duct cleaning is required. Check inside the return air ducts. Generally the return air ducts are the larger vents located in the central area of the house. If the air ducts are located on the floor, remove the vent cover and look inside with a flashlight. If the ducts are attached to the wall, they are usually held in place with screws which are quite easily removed. The return duct system draws the air from inside the house, and then brings it back to the furnace where it is filtered and re-conditioned before re-circulating inside the home. The return ducts usually contain the most dust and debris. Check your supply/heating vents as well. These are almost always located on the floor. Inspect the interior of these ducts to see how much debris is accumulating. If you find them dirty, then duct cleaning should also be considered.

Q: Do all kinds of air handling systems need to be cleaned?
A: Every home that has central heating or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) requires duct cleaning at some point, so it’s not a matter of if your ducts need to be cleaned – it’s a matter of when. There is some maintenance that you can check yourself to get an idea of the general condition of your air handling system.

Q: Are there any other indications I should look for to know if the ducts of my air handling system need to be professionally cleaned?
A: You may also want your ducts cleaned if you notice unpleasant odours, poor airflow or abnormal amounts of household dust.

Q: I’m noticing an odour that comes from my ducting. Will having the ducts cleaned address that?
A: Yes, removing the debris from your ducts often solves that problem. We also have duct deodorizing options that will eliminate persistent duct odours.

Q: I've heard that dirty furnace ducts can aggravate some health issues. Is that true?
A: Some people who experience headaches or sinus problems such as nasal congestions report improvement in symptoms after having their ducting cleaned.

Q: Do we need to have our air ducts deodorized?
A: In most cases, no. We normally recommend deodorizing HVAC ducts when a customer specifically mentions that a persistent odour is coming from their ducts. We also recommend deodorizing ductwork if the heating system in the home has been changed from oil heat to gas as the odour of soot is common. The duct deodorizing product we use is actually a deodorant/sealant which coats the inside of the ductwork and actually becomes the new surface. Any particles of dust left in the system after cleaning are sealed in permanently. We’ve been using this product since we started our business and have had excellent results. Ask us for a quote if you think deodorizing your ductwork would improve your indoor air quality.

Q: How are HVAC ducts cleaned?
A: We use an industrial truck-mounted vacuum unit in conjunction with high pressure compressed air which drives a variety of pneumatic tools. Our technicians will put the system under heavy negative pressure by connecting an 8” or 10” vacuum hose from our truck to your ducting, ensuring that proper air filter protection is in place. Our technicians then clean the system in two sections. The supply and return ducts are sealed and cleaned individually to maintain the highest degree of vacuum on each section of ducting. Utilizing 230 psi of compressed air, each individual register has the dirt, dust and debris blown into the main ducting. After all the debris has been pushed into the main duct, high pressure air is used to drive a flail system that loosens attached particulates from the interior walls of the ducting. Next, all particulate matter is pushed back to the vacuum truck by using a reverse blowing jet. Once the air ducts have been cleaned, our technicians clean all of the air handling components in the HVAC unit. All the access holes that were created are covered and properly resealed according to code.

Q: How often do I need to have my HVAC ducts cleaned?
A: We recommend that you have your air handling system ducts cleaned every few years. Some of our customers schedule duct cleaning as part of their annual home maintenance, some every two years, and some even less frequently. If any member of your family suffers from asthma or dust allergies then more frequent cleanings may be preferred. If you’ve recently done some home renovations or if you’re moving into a new home, we highly recommend HVAC duct cleaning.

Q: Is there anything that needs to be done to prepare for duct cleaning?
A: Yes, make sure that the duct cleaning technician can easily access the HVAC air handling system and all of the duct openings.
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